White Round Turnip

Brassica Rapa

November - April

Production Calendar

10 Hectares

Cultivated Area

General Information

The white round turnip, also known as mayruben, is a vegetable belonging to the Brassicaceae family, cultivated and consumed in many European countries. The fruit is a root with a round shape and white color. Due to its shape and color characteristics, it is commonly referred to as “mozzarella.”

Beneficial Properties

White turnip is a very low-calorie food, providing about 28 kcal per 100 grams. It consists of approximately 92% water, around 10% carbohydrates, minimal fats, low proteins, and a moderate amount of fiber.

Production Cycle

The round turnip is produced from November to April, exclusively in greenhouses, covering an area of approximately 10 hectares. Sowing takes place from September to February. The cultivation cycle varies depending on environmental conditions such as temperature and photoperiod. The maturation cycle is about 40/60 days for autumn sowings and about 80/90 days for winter sowings.

The round turnip is harvested in the field, packaged in bunches, and then transferred in bins to the processing center where sorting and washing take place. Packaging involves the use of disposable wooden crates or reusable plastic crates.

The product is mainly marketed abroad, sold at major markets and supermarket chains. Transportation is carried out by specialized transport companies.

Technical Data

Properties (100 g):
Calories 28 kcal – Water 86g – Proteins 0.8g – Carbohydrates 7.5g – Fiber 2g – Potassium 203mg – Calcium 137mg – Phosphorus 29mg

Cultivated Area:
10 hectares

Packaging Type:
Disposable Wood
Reusable Plastic

Processing Type
Packaged in the field
Loose processed in Warehouse

Proprietà (100 g): 

Calorie 28 kcal  – Acqua 86g – Proteine 0,8g – Carboidrati 7,5g – Fibre 2g – Potassio 203mg – Calcio 137mg – Fosforo 29mg

Superficie coltivata:

10 ettari

Tipo di imballaggio:

Legno a perdere
Plastica riutilizzabile

Tipo di lavorazione

Confezionato in campagna
Sfuso lavorato in Magazzino

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