Organizational Chart

For over 15 years, Sotea, Agricultural Cooperative, thanks to the passion of its members and collaborators, has become an established reality in the Agro Pontino. Young agricultural producers, united by the desire for cooperation, created the cooperative organization in order to produce and market their agricultural products.

Board of Directors


Carotenuto Giovanni

Vice President

Monetti Roberto
Operational Programs Representative


Luison Giorgio
Worker and Labor Representative


Donnaruma Vincenzo
Safety Representative


Corbanese Aldo
Cultural Programming and Maintenance Representative


Fontanella Luigi
Cultural Programming and IT Representative


Guerra Fabio
Quality Representative

Sales Manager

Valerio Dario

Agronomic Office

Carnevale Biagio

Billing Office

Administrative Office

Our Territory

The Agro Pontino, entirely located in the province of Latina, after the grand reclamation work of the thirties, has made this area particularly suitable for all kinds of cultivations.

Interested in collaborating with us?

If you are interested in learning about our products, our production, and starting a collaboration with us, then visit the contact section to get in touch with our sales department.