Qualità, continuità e gusto

We cultivate tradition,

we feed the future

The agricultural excellence of the Agro Pontino

35 +

Members part of the cooperative

200 +

Hectares of cultivated land

25.100 +

Average tons of production

20 +

Years of operation in the sector

Our Production

We are a Agricultural Cooperative Society specialized in the production of Mediterranean vegetables. With over 35 members and 200+ hectares of cultivated land, we bring the excellences of our territory to the table, with a focus on quality controls and targeted production programs.

Our Strenghts



The pedo-climatic environment particularly suited for agriculture has turned it into a prominent entrepreneurial reality in just a few years.



We offer our customers a controlled product through the use of the Production Disciplines of the Lazio Region.



Thanks to careful and targeted planning, we are able to meet the commercial needs coming from national and international markets.



Strict controls ensure high-quality production that complies with market standards.


Our Territory

The Agro Pontino, entirely located in the province of Latina, after the grandiose reclamation work of the thirties, has made this area particularly suitable for all kinds of cultivations.