Quality & Reliability

Thanks to careful and targeted planning, we are able to meet the business needs of all domestic and foreign markets.

SOTEA SOC.COOP.AGR. has a warehouse where it receives the goods directly from the harvesting field; after passing the incoming quality controls, the produce is selected and packaged for sale.

During these years, SOTEA has invested in strengthening its corporate structure, expanding the warehouse and purchasing equipment for processing vegetables. To date, it features:

– 1 UNITEC sorting and grading line for courgettes, eggplant and tomatoes;

– 1 processing machine for courgettes;

– 1 radish washing line;

– 1 salad washing line;

– 1 tray-packer for courgette flowers;

– 2 approx. 400 m/cube cold rooms for goods storage.